Glitter Pack – Tape Loops (3 pack)


Pack of 3 Infinite Tape Loops

¯Pack of 3 Infinite Tape Loops, blank and constructed using industry standard Splicing Block/Tape with Type II Chrome Tape in new Cassette shells

Tapes are presented in a frosted Case, available in gold, green or silver

These will work in both 4-track and 2-Track (Stereo) Tape Machines – If you are using a 4-Track with an auto-stop feature such as the Panasonic RR-830, contact me before ordering as these require a workaround to properly play back the loops

This pack contains 3 Cassettes
1 x 4.6 secs (approx)
1 x 4.8 secs (approx)
1 x 7.7 secs (approx)

Every single Tape is tested at super loud playback to scan for clicks or pops.
Check my feedback to see what people have said about the quality of these Loops.

The Reels will be random colours, depending on which I am using at this moment in time

Remember that there are record protect tabs on the top left of the Tape, you can engage or disengage these to enable recording / enter record safe mode

Weight ,5 kg

Gold, Silver, Green


Chrome, Cobalt