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Some information about your Tape Loops

Be sure to insert your Tape the correct way into your Player/Recorder -Sticker/Screws side is up

And remember, the nature of these tapes means they are perishable over time so treat them with care when loading them into your machine.

BPM values and calculation

I have found these Bpms work with these Tape lengths. Bear in mind though, each Tape Loop is unique and you’re looking at +/-2-4 bpm depending which division you’re working with. Experiment with your sequencer to get the Loop tight.

Tape length (approx)Ms || main bpmDiv / 1
4.6 secs4,600ms – 105.4bpm52.7
7.7 secs7,700ms – 124.7bpm62.35

Identifying your Tapeloop length

Check out this awesome Tape calculator from ParanoydAndroyd

Great interview with David Chandler including some info on complex Tape Loops

Further reading

An Essay regarding the speed of Audio Tape
Advanced Bpm Calculator tool

Video guides to Tape looping

Here are some videos I found useful about cleaning your Tape Machine, Sound on Sound recording etc..